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Join our planting and gardening course

We would love to provide some gardening courses. Let us know what you would be interested in and we will be happy to begin setting those courses up. A few tips to begin discussing is the keys to a successful garden. 1. Choose your planting area wisely. Are you going to be able to maintain pruning on specific species to accommodate the size you want to keep your garden. 2. Poor preparation leads to poor performance in anything we do, so you will want to make sure the soil is prepared properly. 3. Decide what it is you want in your garden, choosing plants that are specific to what you like. 4. Be sure to plant at the correct time. Many plants should be planted only at specific times of the year. 5. Water properly, some plants require more moisture than others, be sure to keep watering during hot seasons and taper off during colder seasons. 6. Organic pest and disease control. Though there are some things we just cannot control it is beneficial to do what you can to give your plants a healthy beginning and then maintain that health throughout their life cycle. There are many great fertilizers out there that are safe to use and many plants love the attention.

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