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Getting back to the Garden!

I just can't help it! Oh, how I long for Spring! Forsythia returning to that stunning yellow, with the little exquisite blooms. Providing that first sign that, yes, there is hope. Color will soon return! Its just amazing to me, how peaceful and entrenched I get walking through the Garden. The colors, the smells of fresh herbs and flowers, and the beauty each holds. Yes, we started out in the Garden, and we very much need to get back to the Garden. God provided this beauty for everyone to enjoy! I tell Preston every year when all goes dormant, how sad I am that everything is just dead! He says, "its not dead, just dormant", but I so long for the beauty to return. There is just something about walking through the garden, leaning down and smelling the fresh Thyme, and Rosemary. Running my fingers through the lavender, and catching a glimpse in the air of the sweet smelling honeysuckle. Watching all the blooms on the Chamomile reach up to the sky. Finding that perfect bloom to cut and put into a flower vase. Yes, I am addicted, and just cannot help myself. I get so excited to see Gods glory come to life every single Spring. The weeping cherry trees, the flowering pear trees, how they just bring encouragement to those of us who long for the beauty. I get so excited this time of year, because I know it is coming soon.

As we start another year of delightful allurement, lets remember where it all started! This is where we need to get back to.....Genesis 2:15 and know that Spring is just right around the corner. There is peace and tranquility there, a place to hear that still small voice, reminding us who we are. A place to get alone with God and cast all our burdens upon Him! The sweet joy of it all, very soon my friends, very soon!

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