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Can you plant in Fall?

You most certainly can! Actually, it is the best time to plant most shrubs. There are a few that are better off left until Spring, such as the Buddliea (Butterfly Bush). Most evergreens and flowering shrubs prefer to be planted in the off season because it allows for the root system to be established without the stress of the heat, which of course means less watering. The roots are protected from the elements by being surrounded by the dirt, and this allows the plant to begin the growing process without so much stress. It is also the time to plant your brassicas (Broccoli, Cauliflower, Cabbages, etc.). These cold crops do so much better in the fall because you do not have to worry about the heat causing them to bolt, which is often the frustration with Broccoli. It is also the best time to plant your fall planters with Pansies, Violas, Mums, Swiss Chard, Millets, and other cold hardy flowers. We are so excited about the Cool Wave Pansies this year! The growth habit is very much like the Wave Petunia and spills over the side of your planters or hanging baskets providing much needed color in the colder months. So don't be afraid to plant in the fall!

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