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Planting through the seasons

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Spring is such a beautiful and anxious time. Many gardeners are ready to beat the cold and get into the heat, often suffering from cabin fever in colder climates. This year I planted my broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and cabbages under small tents to get them in early. They are doing fabulous as of right now, despite all the rains we have had. Soon it will be time to get all those beautiful annuals in the landscape. I am right there with everyone and can't wait to see what the gardens hold this year.

It is April 1st, and some of your colder plants can be put in now. Supertunias, Lobelia, Celosia, and Coleus, are just a few that you can begin adding into your planters and landscape. Remember to keep your Coleus pinched back so it can become a more vibrant bushier plant. Cherry Tomatoes have become a very popular vegetable plant to keep indoors and to get a good start. Cilantro, which does so much better in the cool weather is also a great herb to have in a planter on the porch. When the summer heat hits, it will often bolt, so try planting it in a shadier area to keep it from bolting. Some friends of ours on the mountain have Cilantro all the way through December by keeping it near the wood line. I would be happy to hear of any cool crop tips that you might have, just sign up and leave your comments!

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